Sweet Baby Fever

I don’t really have the interest in learning to do all of the fancy poses or fancy wraps. I don’t have the desire to spend hours trying to keep a baby asleep and manipulate his/her little legs, arms, hands, and head into a perfect position. I have SO much respect for the amazing photographers who do it so well, but I simply don't have the patience or the passion for that.

And I’ve never marketed myself as a newborn photographer. After all, not everyone wants the natural, organic look for a newborn session. However, for the few who have trusted me and my vision, I am so grateful. Once I get the chance to simply document these precious little miracles just as they are in their comfortable surroundings, I love it and it always feels right.

Meghan and Brett, thank you for letting me get my baby fever taken care of and I enjoyed meeting your sweet new addition.