An entire session only shot in Black and White

My baby sister, nephew, and brother-in-love came to visit and stayed with us at the ranch for over a week. We had the best time. For Mother's Day, I wanted to give my sister pictures with my nephew but I was so happy that we got to get a few with Daddy in them too! We literally picked the worst day because of the 50 mile winds (not exaggerating) BUT we made it work!

Ansel Adams and Sally Mann are just a couple of my favorite photographers who saw black and white photography not simply as a technical limitation but as a creative choice. Lately, if I’m not at a wedding or another regular session, I’ve been giving myself certain photography projects and one of them is to only shoot in black and white. It’s really made me focus and emphasize on the emotion of what I’m photographing. I’m also seeing light differently and the color is no longer distracting. In the end, it doesn’t matter what race, color or background you happen to be – black and white photography provides a certain timeless quality to the images and you’ll start to see some changes in WHAT and HOW you shoot too.