Family is everything

My goal for my family sessions is to take a lifestyle and candid approach. This means I am focusing on capturing the true spirit and emotion of a family. I will provide some lightly posed images but the majority of the gallery will aim to document your family’s true self. I am not striving for perfection. I want your raw and messy selves.

What can you expect?

  • a few posed images with everyone looking
  • photos of each parent with each child
  • photos of siblings together and individually
  • family on the ground together
  • family walking together
  • serious candids
  • prompted candids
  • movement candids
  • just mom and dad together

An overwhelming feel in all of my galleries is closeness. Expect to find images with: snuggling, hand holding, hugging, kisses, nuzzling. I will likely tell you to get closer many times throughout our time together! When my clients look at their galleries, I want them to feel the love they have for their families.